About Us

HTA was founded in 2017 with the aim to deliver in-depth knowledge of hospitality courses utilizing professional faculty and state-of-the-art teaching facilities. 
HTA promises to connect the student with internships at renowned industries that blend a rigorous academic curriculum integrated with practical knowledge
exposing the students to both front and back of house experience. 
The courses here at HTA will provide you with a strong foundation to build your own business and learn to work at higher level of management on a global scale
Additionally, HTA also offers a Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership and a Graduate Diploma of Strategic Management which will assist you to progress 
your career in an ideal the way by offering you a platform for developing an individual into an effective manager and outstanding leaders, to name a few. 

Our Vision

HTA provides its staff and students with state-of-the-art facilities within an encouraging setting, to establish an environment that

Our Mission

To educate hospitality experts at the levels of Vocational Education and Training through excellence in education and assist the student to recognise and respect the complex cultural and physical world they live in.

Our Values







Gold Coast Campus

Centrally based and just 700 meters away from Broadwater Parklands and home to a variety of water sport activities, cafés and famous beaches makes HTA an appealing place to study. We believe in progressive thinking and deliver high quality teaching in Hospitality education.

Sydney Campus

HTA’s new campus in Sydney delivers quality education. Located in Fitzwilliam Street, North Parramatta, the college offers our student a global business perspective and big-city life experience along with professional training and
a better approach to hospitality.

Message from the CEO

“We strive to provide our student with empirical education, excellent support, and approachable environment where the student can flourish and grow and have an appreciation for lifelong learning. In HTA, we value, respect, and celebrate our diversity as a community, and we create an inclusive environment that makes our student feel at home on campus. “

– Minerva Christiana Singh